Sale/Listing updates

Please note the following updates on some of the houses listed in below posts:

Stubbins House, 149 Old Country Rd., Lincoln — Closed and sold for $850,000. Had been listed at $799,000

7 Moon Hill Rd., Lexington — Under contract first week. Due to close in February 2011.

19 Demar Rd., Lexington — Under contract; due to close end of December 2010.

2 Old Conant Rd., Lincoln — Great Deck House in Lincoln at a very good price, $769,000. Still available.

Groton Deck House – Please note that we are not listing this property. Sellers have asked that we advertise it in case we have any interested readers who would be our buyer clients. House is still available.

Buyers/lookers: I have seen a few stunning mid-century-mod homes in the area recently that are not listed with us. If you’re interested in working with a buyer’s agent, feel free to contact me at for more information.