Private (Non-MLS) Sale of a Peacock Farm House

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We sold 25 Peacock Farm Road, Lexington, in 2008. When our clients were relocating, they quickly purchased a new home in a new town. With two very small children, they wanted to avoid opening the house to the wide market on MLS and asked us if we could arrange a private sale. We had great buyer clients who were ready, willing, and able to purchase 25 Peacock Farm Road. We closed last week for $720,000.

We are pleased when transactions can be arranged so smoothly. If you are buyers and are looking to work with exclusive buyer agents, we would be happy to speak with you. Likewise, if you are a seller and would like to talk about the plusses and minuses of private sales, please let us know. Use the contact button, above. For more information on Peacock Farm, click the tag of the same name next to this post’s header, or you can use the search button to the right.