Non-Mod Listing Designed by Robert A.M. Stern

We try to keep this site focused on Modern/Mid-Century Mod architecture and design. But as we note on the Listings/Sales page, we list and sell all types of residential real estate in the Boston area. And once in a while, we like to make exceptions to spotlight one of our other distinctive listings.  We know that many readers appreciate good design no matter what the style.

So here is a Shingle Style that we have listed in Lexington, designed by Robert A.M. Stern, Dean of the Yale School of Architecture and head of the 300-person-firm that bears his name.  All of the photos and more details are at our traditional homes site,

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…Why hold onto the past? Because tradition is a gift, not some onerous weight. In this technological era of placelessness, perhaps our greatest challenge is to build up, not destroy, our relationship to the natural and built past. Every site is a form of historical evidence that must be honored as we construct anew. I very much agree with Frank Lloyd Wright who, despite his undeserved reputation for iconoclasm, proclaimed: “True modern architecture, like classical architecture, has no age. It is a continuation of all the architecture that has gone before, not a break with it.” Like Wright, I abhor the false modernism the claims new beginnings every Monday morning.

Robert A.M. Stern