Xavier and MaryJo (Sellers in Lexington and Buyers in Cambridge)

Your expertise, collaboration and patience were essential to our move from Lexington to Cambridge. We keep you in mind whenever special advice is needed.

B. Levin — Lincoln

Bill Janovitz and John Tse were the dream team to work with! From the start, they understood our property and its appeal to potential buyers. They really knew the community, the competition and the trends, and provided strategic expertise and guidance on every aspect of getting our home on the market and sold. We’d be delighted to work with them again.

Sara and Lincoln — Lexington
Your orchestrating the process of selling our house certainly led to a most satisfactory closing, for everyone involved.
Your first visit with us discussed the steps we needed to take and the timing: first, empty the house, then repaint the interior, and clean throughout. Along with the staging and You both were warm as well as courteous and gave us clear advice.  In particular, the photography of our house in your brochure was outstanding!
Your knowledge and experience with the architectural context and style of our mid-1950s house gave substance to its quality.  Our confidence in your marketing it was 100%.
Clearly, you communicated with prospective buyers very well.  Nothing was “rote” or cliched in your commentary.
We continue to glow with satisfaction, and actually enjoyed the closing, because your service also included making sure that every detail was in place at the right time.  You followed through.
With respect and gratitude,
Sara and Lincoln
Polly Flansburgh — Lincoln

With John and Bill, the sale of my house was picture perfect! I will always be grateful to them for treating Earl’s house like the treasure it is. They are  brilliant in their approach to marketing and to understanding the needs of the owner and the buyer.

For me Janovitz and Tse represent the gold standard in marketing homes in New England

Bruce G. — Lexington

Your outcome surpassed all expectations! Your insights, instincts, care for detail, responsiveness, expert knowledge, and good judgement are the principal contributing factors.  I am coming to value more and more  working with people who care about what they do, are competent, and of character, and I consider you one.  Maybe this is not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of a “realtor”, but it is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Janovitz+Tse.

Ed L. — Lexington

Janovitz+Tse came highly recommended to us so we knew we were getting an excellent team of two very professional agents. Their marketing IS truly unique; and it started with listening. They wanted to know everything about our home, how we lived in it, how it worked for us bringing up our two girls. They used the information to weave a story that made our house into a home that people would respond to.

Terry E. — Lincoln

We had to move in a hurry, and enlisted John and Bill to help us purchase the new house and sell the one we were in simultaneously. For the purchase, they advised us on negotiations as buyers brokers, including great advice during the inspection. They also worked with us in managing some minor alterations on our house to help it sell quickly. Which it certainly did! There were two other very similar houses on our street for sale at the same time, and ours went on the first open house, above the asking price. They were easy to work with, responsive and upbeat. And most importantly, they got results.

Cynthia Sherman, Esq.

It’s rare to find  real estate professionals who excel at all the different parts of their job, from educating their clients about the process, to advocating on their clients’ behalf  to thorough follow through of even the smallest details, but this is routinely the case with my transactions involving the Janovitz+Tse team. Their professionalism and expert negotiation skills ensure that their deals go through, resulting in a win-win experience for all parties.

Winnie Y. — Framingham

Over the years, we have worked with Janovitz+Tse on a number of purchases, from multi-unit investment properties to our own homes. We appreciate their candor when they tell us something is not right for us; and we trust their advice when they tell us a property is ideal for our objectives. We have worked with many real estate brokers throughout the years, and none have come close to the breadth and depth of knowledge that Janovitz+Tse brought to the sale and purchase of our own homes, from scrutinizing every detail of the property to helping us analyze the pros and cons.

Mike S. — Winchester

We worked with John and Bill on the selling of our home as well as the purchase of our new home.  Their guidance and support throughout the entire process was tremendous.  They clearly have a passion for real estate and design and really listen to the needs of their clients. 

On the sell-side, their extensive marketing experience enabled our house to sell during its first open house weekend, at a price point that well exceeded our expectations.

On the buy-side, their local market experience was invaluable.  They took the time to understand our family’s needs in a new home and patiently evaluated with us countless listings until we found our new home.  During the buying phase, which can be an emotionally trying process, their strategic advice gave us the confidence that our best interests were being served.

We highly recommend John and Bill.  Their blend of professional expertise, eye for design and client-centric approach, makes them an outstanding team.

Roger P. — Lexington

We worked with John and Bill on both the sale of our Lexington home and purchase of a new home in Boston.  They are a terrific team–each bringing complementary perspectives which we found especially helpful when decisions needed to be made.  The sale of our Lexington house couldn’t have been swifter or more successful.  When the purchase of our new home was delayed (due to the seller), John and Bill were there for us every step of the way, giving us a huge amount of time–truly above and beyond.  We wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again and highly recommend this duo!

Shelley W. — Waltham

We had a complex situation and schedule to begin with-a dream house we wanted and a current home that we needed to sell in order to get the dream home. With your savvy negotiation skills and advice, we secured the dream house, and you found a wonderful buyer for our house.

But complications cropped up and our situation became dire. We were right down to the wire and didn’t know if things would turn out well. It was when things became difficult that we came to appreciate the depth of commitment that you have for your clients and their goals. We had a puzzle that we are sure no one else could have solved. And you did it with competency and grace.

You went way beyond all expectations in helping us navigate through it all. We couldn’t have asked for better, more knowledgeable real estate advisors to usher us into the next happy chapter of our lives.

Peter K. — Lexington

When it was time to sell our home of 60 years, we had offers from builders directly. Our attorney however recommended Janovitz+Tse. We’re glad he did. From the get go, John and Bill guided us through the whole process, making it painless. They made sure we got the absolute best price and best conditions.  Janovitz+Tse delivered results that were well above our expectations. We highly recommend John and Bill for their superior knowledge and outstanding service. Don’t settle for less.

Paul C. — Lexington

I can’t imagine a sale going much more smoothly than this one, especially given I was 500 miles away. You took great care of the process and all the tiny details from start to finish, while keeping me informed and helping me make necessary decisions.

Bob and Peggy — Lexington

It was a pleasure working with you. You helped to make a very painful life exercise less daunting.

Beth M. — Lexington

Words cannot measure our appreciation for your help in both selling and buying our properties. You could always be counted on to go the extra mile.

Sarah B. — Cambridge

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all your efforts to see through the sale of my mother’s house. Your professionalism and patience was exemplary!

I will certainly recommend you to friends and family.

Henry Hoover. Jr. and Lucretia Hoover Giese — Lincoln

May we suggest that you consider Janovitz & Tse as your broker.  They have a proven record with regard to modern architecture and are now, as you know, familiar with Henry B. Hoover’s work.  In addition, they handled the Flansburgh house in Lincoln, which, like the Hoover family house, is within Historic New England’s Stewardship Program…. a sympathetic, knowledgeable buyer is what is hoped for.  We think Janovitz & Tse should be able to bring that buyer to you as they did for us.

Jim M.

After more than 25 long, hard, years as a home inspector, I’d estimate that I’ve worked with tens of thousands of real estate agents. I might even know a couple hundred agents or so well enough to offer a general opinion about their work. 

Given that, there are just a very small handful of agents I would ever endorse or recommend. However, if someone I cared about were looking for a home in the Lexington area, I’d tell them Bill Janovitz and John Tse is the very first phone call they should make. I’ve watched them save their clients thousands of dollars in nearly every transaction we’ve both been party to. 

Anyone can sell a house, but Bill and John’s experience earns his client’s real dollars that are spendable elsewhere. The truth is that in greater Lexington, you can either work with Bill and John or compete against someone who did. 

I’m not inspecting homes anymore, but if someone I cared about were interested in a Lexington-area property, I’d tell them to call Bill and John first. Period.

Julie D. — Arlington

I wanted to write to say thank you once again. As 2012 ends, I am so glad all my moving is over, and I thank you for being so helpful in this whole process. While I plan not to need your services again soon, I will certainly continue to recommend you.