A little history here….

We founded modernmass.com circa 2004-05 when we recognized that the stories of New England Modernist homes and communities were not being told online. Of course, you can now find far more information online, but we are the only team and web site specializing in the marketing and sale of New England Mid-Century-Modern and new Modern homes. But we list and sell all types of residential real estate. As you can imagine, traditional homes are still roughly half or more of what we sell. Our specialization is only another layer that most agents don’t have. We have clients come to us to sell or buy all sorts of homes because they recognize our passion for being more than cookie cutter agents.

Read and watch more about the history of Modernism at the Mod History & Video page. You can see many of out past listings under the News/Blog page, and all of our sales get archived at the Past Sales page.

In addition to the partners, Janovitz+Tse includes experienced buyer specialists who are dedicated to our team, and share the philosophy of client-centric excellence.

With Janovitz+Tse, you gain the benefits of trusted professionals with a proven track record, the international reach of our popular modernmass.com website, and the Compass network and technologies to achieve their real estate goals.

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John began his real estate career early in life, assisting his mother in all aspects of managing the family’s multi-family home. By 2001, John transitioned from Marketing and Sales in technology companies to full-time real estate sales. In 2005, John and fellow Hammond Residential Real…