Jackie Gleason’s UFO For Sale

According to the site toptenrealestatedeals.com, Jackie Gleason “designed and built” this home, the “Mother Ship,” and

…. a guest house named the ‘Scout Ship,’ a round storage building, and two swimming pools, all of which were completed in 1959. It was part studio, part home, and part party house. It was also where he housed his ever growing library on UFOs, parapsychology, and the paranormal.”

It has certain influence of Frank Lloyd Wright, but it’s really its own thing. Here is a video from Youtube.


And here is another from “Drive By Modernism.”


Here is the house featured in Popular Mechanics back in the day (via Curbed). I have not found details yet on any architects or engineers with whom Gleason collaborated.


The property is listed for the bargain price of $12 million with Keller Williams.