Family Outing to the Gropius House


It had been a while since I actually had entered the Gropius House in Lincoln. But spring is here and the tours are offered with more frequency. So, inspired and reminded by the perspective of the archi-tourist, Randall Ross, linked in this previous post, I packed the family into the car for a 10-minute ride for a visit.

My daughter was particularly intrigued at the idea of having her own separate entrance and deck, as Walter Gropius’ daughter did.

The tour guide, Jesus, asked, “aren’t you that realtor with the modern site?” I was happy to see that modernmass was having that sort of reach.

The last time I visited the inside was probably 15 or more years ago. If you have never been, or if has been a similarly long period, I recommend another trip. The main takeaway I had is that the house does not feel like a museum piece. Perhaps this is because I am often inside the Six Moon Hill and other modernist homes. In fact, it took a lot of will power to not just start walking around trying to find the basement on my own. Only I was reprimanded for leaning against a counter. Neither of my children were.

But the house does indeed feel, in real estate parlance, “move-in ready.” That’s the beauty — its functionality and appeal. Update the kitchen, and  I am sure you also would have no difficulty envisioning yourself and your family living in this remarkable home.

Look at me selling. “What’s it gonna take me to get you into dis house?” Always be closing.

— Bill