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New Modernmass Video

With the help of Alex Loer, we have a new video overview of the history of midcentury-modern architecture and neighborhoods in Boston’s western suburbs.  

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Our Tour of Conantum

In the early 1950s, along 190 acres along the Sudbury River, not far from where Concord, Sudbury, and Lincoln meet, a Modernist neighborhood conceptualized by MIT Economics Professor, W. Rupert Maclaurin, and designed by Techbuilt and Snake Hill architect, Carl Koch, was developed. Renee Garrelick compiled an oral history of the neighborhood in 1986 (archived by the…

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Oral History from Carl Koch and Residents of Conantum

Thanks to a friend who pointed me to this information. Here is an oral history from the residents of Conantum, a neighborhood of Techbuilts designed by Carl Koch. And here is an in-depth 1992 interview with Carl Koch. All of these interviews were conducted by Renee Garrelick. From the site: The Renee Garrelick Oral History…

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